The sensation of shooting Firefly is more nearly like shooting a flintlock with a slight hang fire, than anything else I can think of.  Normally a flintlock rifle will go …. sssh!..Boom,  in about one twentieth of a second.   (At least that is the way it seemed back in the day when I was a competitor in the flint matches out in Issaquah.  Before this obsession with catapults, one of the mainstays of my youth was building custom Kentucky rifles and the like.)

…… I digress.

The point is, lock time on Firefly feels like shooting a flintlock with a slightly delayed ignition.     i.e. ssh!..ssh!..ssh!..Boom!!, rather than,  ssh!..Boom!.  It is maybe one tenth of a second or more.

In off hand shooting, this delay is like a minor pilgrimage, through out which it is deeply disadvantageous to flinch.  One’s own tremor is invariably fatal for the aim,  if not the target.  Follow through is everything.

Some of my favorite flintlock shooters that I made back in the nineties.  The bottom carbine is my version of the famous Ferguson, breech loading rifle.  The action on it is seen in the open position.

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