……..She’s back.   8 shots today.  All were done with the same 7,000 grain bolt fired into our new earth berm.  Zero damage to the bolt,  so it looks like we may finally have solved the backstop issue.  Velocity is close to our old standard 300 feet per second.  More detailed  testing will have to wait until next week when business type work slows down.

The upgraded, spring steel  kamarion is working very well.    Looking down from the top (plan view) we can see that the  kamarion is deliberately bowed towards the front of the machine.

This deflex shape in the at rest position,  gives the kamarion  some preload to help resist the field frames that want to turn inwards under the draw weight.   At 5,000 lbs. of pull,  the deflex disappears and the kamarion straightens out.  If the kamarion was straight when there was no load on it,  by the time full draw was reached,  it would take on a reflex curve pointing towards the back of the machine.  This is exactly what happened before the last upgrade, and it eventually led to torquing the field frames out of shape.   Looks like we may have dodged that bolt this time.

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