Okay, you see that small tree branch out there at 100 yards.   No not that one.  The one to the right of that fat trunk and left of that skinny trunk.    Kinda of in the middle between them and maybe six feet above the hill.  Yeah that’s it.    You’ve got it.    Now watch this……..

Click here for video, 20100628183604

….. Perfect!  Now that’s shootin’.

Seriously though, I have witnessed each time out of four shots now, shooting the glans into the distance against the dark tree line, when the sun is at my back and shining on it for maybe a second, that the glans is NOT in fact tumbling.  It flys sideways in the same orientation it held in the pouch.   It may twist that orientation into a tilt, but I have not yet seen it actually tumble end over end.  One of the  close range tests into the catulpa log the other day had shown evidence that suggested tumbling.  Probably it tumbled all right,  as a function of penetrating rather than flying.  Flying they look good.  Pump up the velocity by another 75 fps to straighten out that rainbow trajectory a bit,  and maybe we’ll really have something.

When viewed directly from behind (a perspective I have not yet captured on video)  the flight of the glans seems remarkably true, not veering off to the left or right by much.  Of the four shots observed this way, only one showed a slight tendency to drift to the left maybe four or five feet at 100 yards.  The other three seemed to plop into position nicely.

Not that I was sighting mind you,  just lookin’.

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