One of Firefly’s old washer locking pins has been reassigned to locking the limb into its forward taper.

Here is a photo of that locking pin and some of the handy-dandy ferrule cement that holds it in place.

The 1″ deep hole for this 3/8″ pin should pick up enough ash to form an effective lock. The hole in the limb is only .002″ larger than the pin, and when installed that gap is filled with the marvelously sticky ferrule cement. Application of a hot iron to the flattened tip of the pin will allow for its removal.

While the sum of all the forces in the firing cycle always seems to propel the limb aggressively forward into the taper of the limb iron, it is well to guard against any backward forces that might be encountered when applying the old heave-ho to the tension strap. It is imperative that the tension strap remain unbudgeably anchored at either end of a non-compressible limb.

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