*  Richard III,   Act I,  Scene I

No dark meaning in the title to this posting.  It’s just that at 9.00 o’clock this morning I found myself with a shadow on the ground, camera in my hand, and Little Richard playing on the radio.  Naturally the Bard had to step in.   And here we are,  stuck with another full round of Shakesperian  gibberish for the rest of the day.  Got to love the melodrama of a shot like this.

Finally out of surgery and convalescing in the sun, Firefly shows off her muscular new kamarion.  The addition of the 5/8″ thick spring steel backing has turned this kam into a gigantic tuning fork.  With a sharp rap it will ring for a couple of minutes if the ends are allowed to hang free.

A few hours of light grinding and finish work,  and Firefly will be ready to have her torsion springs put back in.  Can almost hear those bolts thumping into the backstop now.

… Or in pig Iambic Pentameter,  “The mind’s earshot can hear a bodkin thud,  We  pray this project’s not some grievous dud”

Oh brother! …….. see what I have to put up with.

One Response to ““Unless to see my shadow in the sun, And descant on mine own deformity” *”

  1. Capn Harpoon says:

    Could you give us a hint of your next round of testing – accuracy or range?

    When you make up some new bamwood bolts, maybe consider making a few 20-25% longer with same boltheads for a dif FOC?

    For myself I have changed spring types and will be trying to work with matched torsion springs. Am trying a set from the hood of a Hummer but for some reason I do not think the metal (hardness?) is right for the job (velocities). It also does not cough up enough rotation but what I have to work with for now.

    Anyhow your new Kam and stanchions look up to the job (5000+ lbs pull)and looking forward to your round of tests.


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