It seems that the Catapult Gods were unamused by my attempt to turn Firefly into her own spring stretcher.  Too much load on the forward anchor point caused her beak to open up with an ugly crack.  Fortunately it was easily repaired with some souped-up epoxy I happen to have.    The pieces of black walnut pulled together nicely and now there is no sign  that something went amiss.   And to think,  just yesterday,  I was boasting about how unassailably robust the machine has become after all her upgrades.      …..Well… err… yes…, if she  is used as a  ballista, and not some half-baked torture device.  The stretching duties have now been turned over to this specially built rig constructed from a steel I-beam.

The new set of 1/4″ , 3 strand springs, seen here, are the same design that yielded  394 fps last year.   Unless the Twilight Zone has descended on my portion of the universe,  and changed the physical laws governing torsion springs,  I can see no reason why we will not be back to that level shortly.  Assuming, of course, the CG’s continue with their beneficence.

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