At  4,500 lbs of draw weight  a curl of smoke started emanating from our Warn winch.  After that the little beastie refused to pull at all and I fear the motor may be toast.

The new block and tackle set-up was supposed  to keep things within the winch’s pull rating.   Oh well,  it seems the Catapult Gods are none too thrilled by our conversion to an electrically powered device. They always were a jealous lot when it came to preserving the old ways;  it’s not surprising their congregation got bored and shrunk to almost nothing as soon as gunpowder was invented.

In the meantime,  we of the “almost nothing” are forced to pursue our torsion goals by muscle power alone.  Given that this particular Warn product had problems before with a cast aluminum clutch that cracked (which they graciously replaced with a properly made steel one) I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this particular piece of modernity is inferior to our purpose.  And if we can no longer trust Warn to make a decent winch from the get-go,  well, maybe their holinesses had a point after all.

In a world of dubious integrity, the way forward is often paved by digging up the way backward.

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