According to the FBI,  in terms of resisting penetration, a piece of 3/8″ plywood is  roughly equivalent to a human chest wall.  In the following video we see one of Firefly’s 6100 grain lead glans (basically an egg shaped bullet weighing almost one pound)  blowing a 3″ hole through four sheets of 5/8″ exterior plywood at fifty yards.  A couple of these shots showed velocities of 289 and 295 feet per second, (+/- 2 fps). When the plywood was leaned up against a more solid support, and the velocity cranked up to 318 fps, penetration was five sheets,  leaving a healthy dent in the sixth.  No vid. available for that one, more’s the pity.  The pouch on the bowstring will need a little TLC to do that again. Click here for video, 20100701182936(3)

In the next video we see the first rough shot prior to sighting in.  After going through a single sheet of 5/8″” plywood, it ploughed on through the hay bales and smacked a two foot splinter out of the 2″ X 8″ douglas fir backstop.  You can hear the sound of it hitting that backstop if you listen carefully.   Click here for video,20100701161210(3)

After readjusting the aim, the next shot strikes a little closer to the bulls eye.    At this point I have run out of ammo and need to cast up some more glandes so we can shoot a group to see what kind of accuracy this set up is capable of.    Click here for video, 20100701161210(1)

Although it does not look like the double string and pouch firing glandes will ever generate as much power as the single string shooting bolts (approx. 1100 foot pounds vs. 1700 foot pounds),  all these shots would clearly have inflicted grievous wounds on the ancient battlefields.

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