As this halftime show continues, the reader should not get too discouraged for fear the main event will never arrive.  Shooting is relatively near, at least in catapult time.   I have been counseled by the Immortal Catapult Deities that under no circumstances am I to have a go at using the new hand winch until the cocking levers are finished to the  Nth degree, whatever that is.  It’s an eat your brussel sprouts first kind of thing.  These cocking levers, with their spring assisted pawls, alloyed steel shanks and hickory staves,  are going to have a very high opinion of themselves.

Here’s praying they work as well as advertised.

3 Responses to “With a cherry on top.”

  1. Pat B says:

    I hope this new cocking gear can withstand some extra big forces, because I feel it may need to. I’m still not sure whether you intend shortening the arms or not, but if you shorten them to 2/3 of their present length, as has been suggested, I’d predict a 50% increase in stress. So expect some alarming readings on your dynamometer! But, to tell you the truth, I’d be more worried about the kameiron. You’ve already buckled it once…

  2. Nick says:

    I have no plans to shorten the limbs much. Maybe 1/2″ or so, maybe not. The movement of the kamirion will be carefully monitored. As long as I keep the pull weight in the 5,000 lb range there shouldn’t be any problem.

  3. Captn Harpoon says:

    -there is really no need to adjust the length of the arms at all in order to surpass the 400fps mark. Nick has asked for that speed and the means have been provided.

    450-475 shouldnt be a prob. When 500fps becomes the new goal I still have a trick or two up my sleeve.

    BTW, I use a four to one ratio on an ballista bow and is crazy fast. It IMHO forces the bow out of balance in a positive way.

    I would love to see some math on that!

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