Observe, if you will, the fine lines and streamlined appearance of our latest analog for the famous Dura Europos bolt.

Our older version, on the bottom,  looks sluggish and fat in comparison.  The new bolt is made from an old martial arts staff, and while we don’t know for sure what exactly the wood is, clearly it’s much more dense than the ash we have been using.  This allows these two bolts to weigh exactly the same (276 grams),  while giving the new one a 3/16″ smaller diameter.  This will be our final, all out attempt to bust 1,000 yards before the weather turns bad.

In keeping with that goal, the fins are much thinner; made from .01″ thick phospor bronze sheet, as  compared to the .062″ thick polyethelene we have been using.  It’s a springy material, and of negligible weight.  Kinda looks pretty too.

Yesterday morning, this sleek, little, race horse of a dart found itself pointed at the sky with a very big machine behind it.   And in a 375 feet per second flash, it was gone …..

Click for vid.  20121107135533(1)

…… never to be seen again.

Even now, it lurks in the underbrush.  Or perhaps has burrowed it’s way completely underground,  waiting for some future archaeologist to uncover it and ponder why they were using ballistas back in the early 21 st century.  Of course, it may not seem out of place at all.  Einstien’s admonition about bow and arrows will likely make more sense by then.

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