In the next day or so, the Orsova reconstruction will fire its first shot.  The springs have  been installed and the first set of limbs are ready to go.  There are so many details to get right, this whole thing is starting to feel like the moonshot rather than some goofball catapult that only a few entushiasts will ever understand the value of.  Sometimes I think I must be a little touched to put so much effort into this thing.  However, there is no turning back now, and working alone as I do, I must summon all my concentration to make sure this machine lives up to its potential.  My thanks to those people that have sent me their comments.  It is reassuring to know there are others who may take some interest in how this turns out.  The photo below shows some of the progress made since the last posting.  Purists can be assured that all the hex head bolts and other signs of modern manufacture will be removed during the finishing stages. Stay tuned.  We are just hours away from launch.


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