Shot #35 went ahead with both top washers tightened 7 1/2 degrees each. Velocity with the 377 gram bolt was a disappointing 336 fps, only 2 fps improved over the previous shot. PDW is now at 4800 lbs with the 35.75″ DL. It seems best not to take the pre-load any higher with these long limbs for reasons stated perviously. I will take a few more shots at this maxed-out setting, just to confirm the new baseline, and then get ready to permanently shorten these long limbs down to the same length as the MK VIII’s.

Something I have not mentioned yet is that Firefly is back to her old accuracy standards, these last few shots formed a 2″ group at 55 yards, which seems a bit odd given the tweaks we have been introducing; but who’s complaining, right? Also, those new bowstring nocks made from glue saturated whippings, are doing a fine job of hanging on to the bowstring at the end of the power stroke. I have left off using those restraining straps on the bowstring loops, and while the straps do provide some extra measure of safety if a limb were to break, I would like to establish once and for all if they are really essential for reliable operation of the machine.


Some consequences ride on the back of a turtle, others are more fleet of foot. Either can cause disruption if your imagination is not up to the task of perceiving them. Training is essential, but it’s not quite the same thing as a well developed sense of how to anticipate trouble. In the machine shop, “anticipate” has saved my hide more than once. It’s what makes fear useful.

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