I’m too exhausted to warble on very long about this right now.  Suffice it to say that today was brilliant.

Four shots in something the size of my fist, and a fifth shot (#2) just touching that group.  Range is fifty five yards.  Bolt weight is 6,651 grains.  Velocity was within 10 fps of  200 feet per second for all five shots.  Draw length is 33 1/2 “.  Draw weight 3400 lbs.  My respliced string has slipped a bit.  Flexing the bowstring by hand reveals a definite decrease of tautness.  This, and the lower draw weight,  are probably the reasons for the lower velocity.     I suspect that the slippage in the loop splices has been arrested by the limbs finding their stopping point more by the stanchions than by the string.  Cross stitching the loop splices needs to happen.

The five shot group in this photo was preceded by two shots with velocities of 260 fps and 258 fps.  Both of them also went through the same hole, although on a  different piece of cardboard.  Then the string slipped and the velocity dropped, but not apparently the accuracy.

You can imagine my emotions at this moment.  Blissed out.

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