Here we are popping off a blue.  That is: one of our blue-tailed Dura’s that weigh 340 grams and are 28 1/2″ long.  This particular one is being ejected from the machine at 359 feet per second.

Click for vid.   20121107141039(2)

The bowstring has been caught close to the apex of its whip arch.

This is shot number two in a three shot sequence, in which two bolts landed within 10 feet of each other at the 884 yard mark, and, due to headwinds, there was a third that fell 20 feet short of that.  The same sequence we showed last Wednesday.

I wonder if any sharp-eyed Romans mused on how closely the arch in their kamerion matched the “whip arch” in their bowstrings. Now, that’s nerdy.

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