You-know-who has been leveling charges of cowardice aganist me. Wincing poltroon that I am, I suppose I’m supposed to increase the bottoms, again. (..Shake, shiver, snivel.)

…..Again? again and again? Could more pre-load on the springs, turn 362 into 382? And if that is the case, would lightening the projectile push us over that mythical 400 fps boundary? The mind reels at the glory of it all. Perhaps I could get a seat with the CG’s themselves.

But who am I kidding. I’m much happier as a struggling mortal. I know my lot. “Feet per second” do not take things on charge. You are supposed to earn them by the sweat of your brow.

BTW, that hand-winch is starting to look a lot like a medieval torture device. Still, one or two shots a day should see ‘er done. At least enough for me to take a vacation from catapulterneeering for a while.

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