This afternoon, I made up four of these items to use as piles on a set of flight bolts. Clearly this design is not meant to represent an authentic style of Roman bolt head. The purpose is narrow. They are designed only to be cheap, aerodynamic, and to weigh 128 grams. This is the same weight as on the head of that 377 gram bolt I’ve been shooting lately; call it 5,818 grains, if you like, it’ll be all the same to Firefly when we get her pointed at the sky.

This first round of flight testing is just meant to set a baseline utilizing some projectiles that are not overly fancy. Dura bolts and the like can be shot for range later. The intent right now is to take that 360 feet per second performance we’ve been getting, and just take everything out for a field trip as soon as possible.

Hopefully before the end of the world. …… Which, I believe, is scheduled for the first Tuesday, month after next.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time, does it?

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