Picking up our shooting from yesterday, we were attempting to explode an apple sitting on top of a pumpkin, using the standing, offhand position.  Our very nice neighbor lady witnessed our first attempt today,  which, while not a technical miss, did not result in any apple juice per se.  It did, however, make her smile.

Here is the shot witnessed by Angela Lorz.  Today is October 27, 2011.  Range is 50 yards.

Click these numbers for video.  20111027110724(1)

This crease mark was not on the apple when I put it on top of the pumpkin for a target.  Clearly, one of the hard fins just skimmed its surface.  While yesterday’s shot was too far to the right of the apple by a couple of inches, this one was to the left by an inch and a half.    Now it is down to exactly where I place the hold of my front sight.

The second shot of the day settled the matter.   Click these numbers for Video.  20111027112439(1)

The poor little apple seems clueless that there is a predatory length of broom handle bearing down on it from the upper right.

And splash goes Frazier.  The rest of the day went well — more apples, more splashes.  Believe it or not, it gets kind of boring after awhile.

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