Glory be! it looks like the electric winch has plenty of room to operate when mounted directly on m’lady’s tail.

(Click to enlarge.)


I will have to make a special hook and pulley combo for the winch rope; easy-peasey compared to the rest of this journey so far.

Not so simple will be the hand winch.  Something plausibly Roman will have to be dreamed up.  Any old hand winch, just won’t do.  It will need to include a functional duplicate of the original crank handle from the Elenovo horde, seen below.


Photo is from the Kayumov/Minchev paper about the Elenovo horde.

For now, however, the electric Warn winch will get us going.  Authenticy patrols have agreed to give us a temporary pass on the electrics due to my intermittently bad back.  Sensibility is inversely proportional to necessity.

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