Firefly is in surgery for the next couple of weeks.  Thankfully the anaesthesia bill was limited to covering the pain  it caused me as I tore her apart for this new round of upgrades.  This is what comes from having conversations with inanimate objects,  imagined to be sentient.

Below, the starboard field frame gets “the treatment” to banish its case of bad posture,  visible in the photo above.

As convenient as this hot bend fix would have been, ultimately I have to cut the straight stanchion, unbraze the end caps, reforge everything  straight,  weld in a 7 inch segment of 4140 for the  straight stanchion, add 1/2″ of Hi-test Tig weld to the curved stanchion;  and finally, grind and finish.

……When I get done with all this,  it might be a good idea to perform the cleansing ceremony and blow happy smoke over the whole thing to drive out the last of the evil spirits.  With these new upgrades,  our power plants should survive what we have planned for them next.  ……. evil chuckle.

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