As usual, Samuli gets the value of experimentation in trying to understand these machines.

User blog Samuli.seppanen_Were there wedges on top of washer bars – Greek and Roman Artillery Wiki – Wikia

I am very grateful to him for taking the time to write this and post it on his website.  It is invigorating to find another researcher who can play back your own intentions to you.  They sound less half-baked when someone else shows that they understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Samuli has a more comprehensive knowledge of the artifacts than I do.   The exceptions and alternate explanations he suggests are well founded.  It is good to cultivate these reasonable reservations.  They help to sharpen our focus and keep untoward claims in check.  This is just an experiment after all.  Like a signpost in the fog,  it’s usefulness must depend on knowing what it does not point to, as much as what it does.


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