The graphic below shows 3 solid data points that record Firefly’s group size at 3 different ranges from 3 different shooting expeditions. Everything is shown to scale. Click to enlarge.

group graphic

It is interesting to note that the recent 48″ group @ 300 yards, fits right on the line of dispersion between the 50 yard and 790 yard results.  This is another indication of the consistency and validity of this rate of dispersion @ 19 MOA. When I extrapolate the group size for other ranges it looks like this:

disp graphic

Click to enlarge.

The pink numbers on the bottom represent the extrapolated group sizes in inches at the yardages indicated.  The results at the 50, 300 and 790 yard ranges are carefully measured test results from actual shooting.  I have high confidence in their repeatability under light wind conditions.

For anyone interested in how these late model iron frame ballistas in the Lightning class could have performed under ideal conditions at typical combat distances, all of this should be a very good indication.  In their own way, I have no doubt those grunts in the tower where the Orsova machine was mounted, would have achieved similar or better results.

Here is one last video from our 300 yard shoot the other day.  It shows the aiming and firing sequence in better detail.  If you put your fast eyeballs on, the bolt profile is clearly visible against the blue sky.  Click for vid.    canyon 3

A snip showing the bolt just ejected from the machine:

flying bolt 1

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