From deep inside the bowels of the Little Catapult Factory, comes this hissing missive for Mr. Coconut, “Don’t you be partying on top of our Two-Buck-Chuck!”

Click for Vid.  20111022124922(2) .

Range 50 yards.  6,693 grain bolt. Velocity approx. 260 fps.  Energy 1,000 foot pounds.

It would have been such a drag if I had nailed the bottle,  glass all through my nice clean sandpit.   It’s too bad that we can’t see Firefly inside the shop during this video.  At the moment I have no way of moving her beyond the limits of the overhead crane.   All in good time.

How fortunate that I do not have to explain to the Rebecca the disappearance of her penultimate bottle of wine.

In the photo below, I was able to put Windows Media Player on slow speed and take a  screen capture of the moment directly after the bolt had zipped through the coconut,  without even knocking it off the bottle yet.  Cool huh?

And for the forensically inclined, we have this.

And just because it is always a good idea to completely tear the arse out of it,  we see below some details on the bolt as it delivers the groceries.

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