From the Kayumov paper we see this intriguing plate of objects from the Elenovo horde.

ring final


Of interest to me now is that curious ring on the left.  The length of the ring appears to be 3.3 inches.  When blowing the ring up to a 1/1 scale and comparing it to that 1/1 poster of the field frame, we see the following:




It is not a “perfect fit”, but if you consider only the ID of the ring, or that part of the cross section where the wood actually is,  the radii seem to nestle nicely.  Of course, our methodology for sizing these parts is a tad imprecise. Perhaps if the tolerance range for this little gambit runs in our favor, artifact No. 3306 will turn out to be a steel compression ring that locks the rear of a tension rod down onto the face of a ballista limb.  (Or, equally I suppose, a collar for a spade or something.)   But, no matter,  it’s a twinkle of a possibility,  and that’s about as good as it gets in this game.


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