While we wait for materials I would like to share some visceral depictions of how a torsion powered projectile must have appeared to anyone on the receiving end.    In this footage from last year we recall the ancient hiss and blur of a fast moving, heavy ballista bolt.  Click for vid.   20100309103750(1)

Note the black fins blowing off at impact.    I believe that a long length of the shattered bamboo shaft  did a  spectacular belly flop against the side of the apple bin.   In the photo below we see the  secondary impact site where some kind of fragment, at least,   swatted the side of the apple bin.     Tangled in the weeds, this is how the apple bin  looks now,  a  year or so later.   Artifacts are where you find them, I am told.

I mention the apple bin only to illustrate the residual force still left in the projectile after it had already nipped a chunk out of a  1/4″ mild steel plate with its hardened, square headed bodkin point.  (See below.)

Anyway,  Ouch! on both accounts.

As I recall, the bolt involved in this escapade weighed 7,000 grains and was clocked at 3o7  fps.

………….   So okay, Mon Capitan, by way of comparison to last week’s attempt:   “….. Exactly that heavy and almost certainly faster.”    I’ll say no more on the matter.

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