One of those stalwart legionaries perched on my shoulder whispered me a chide today. “Stop being such an effing pussy. So what if you break your little baby? It’s not like you get to take it with you.”

I took him to mean that I should crank up the pre-load and increase the draw length a notch. And so, I did.

Shot # 36. Velocity shot up to 362 fps with a 377 gram (5,818 grain) bolt. Not quite cartwheels yet, but at least worth a headstand or two. 7 1/2 degrees was added to both bottoms. DL was back at 38″, PDW soared to 5,000 lbs. Effort to cock is getting a bit much for me. Yes I know!, it really is time to haul out the Warren winch and let a gang of electrons do the work.

In the meantime, this happy increase puts us in a party mood. 1692 foot pounds. Hmm-hmm good! I’ll rate that as enough zippity-do-dah to go test for maximum range.

… Now, where did I put that Jack Daniels? ….

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