My father, John Watts,  passed away yesterday at the age of 81.  He had suffered from Parkinson’s for the last fifteen years and the news was not unexpected.  Dad was very proud of his work as lead engineer on the Boeing 777  landing gear.   A couple of years ago we visited the Boeing Flight Museum, and to our surprise they had a full display of his design.

Dad did not have a formal education as an engineer.  He was just an exceptionally gifted designer, and Boeing snapped him up in the great brain drain of the 60’s.  During World War Two he was a part of the Home Guard in Somerset, and served an apprenticeship in the Westlands plant working on Spitfires.

Cheers Dad.  Your wheels have finally left the ground.

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  1. Captn Harpoon says:

    Nick,very sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family history – now I know where your inquisitive mind comes from.


    PS, you are coming up on 10,000 hits on your site – thats about 5000 over the past month or so!

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