Here’s  a vid for Aussies.  And yes Melissa, the schlep is strictly ham.


Three shots for today.  All bolts weighed very close to 7100 grains.   Stats are:

#1   293.8 fps,  1360 fpe

#2   295.2 fps,  1373 fpe

#3   294.1 fps,  1363 fpe

Bundles have settled.  Consistency at last.

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  1. Capn Harpoon says:

    Well, I’ve shared my wacky ideas that heavier bolts might just be a little faster, and also that perhaps the inswingers true potential lies in using only 90 degrees or less limb arc. (Less is perhaps more).

    I have to thank you for being more receptive to my going against “the grain” in in-swinger thinking. I like to think in return you gained some very valuable information on surpassing that coveted 400fps goal.

    I dont know if I’ve shared my thinking that the performance of “old world” inswinger ballistas top speeds might have been “only” 295-350 fps tops. Sure they might have been able to hit 400 fps for a shot or two, but as siege weapons cant be very useful if requiring maintenance every couple of shots or repairs.

    A useful machine would be operated at a level where performance was not only predictable but very reproducable. So perhaps 275 to 290 would be a more common projectile speed. Thats still enough to reach 3000 feet range.

    Im curious, where are you going to go next? I’ll bet you are working on the “pouch” string for rock chuckin. Try some steal ball bearings in the 7000 grain range and see how fast you destroy that big concrete block. It wont stand up to repeated hits for too long. maybe a harder rock would even split and shatter easier. Beware of recochets.

    When it comes to destroying stuff, a slower but heavier weight rules the day. Especially concrete bricks and such.

    Targets at 100 yards are only one second away.What are some of the outermost ranges they report extreme accuracy at (historical accounts)?

  2. nick says:

    Hey Joel,

    I’m scaling back for a week or two on all my ballistaing. Too much other stuff to do right now. When I get back to it, there is a new tougher kamiron to build and a field frame to straighten, followed by a spring either to fix or replace. I really want to get out and test this thing for range. Firefly might be able to hit 1000 yards with a special flight type bolt, but I expect these standard 7,000 grainers will go about 600 yards or so. We’ll see. As for the pouch and string arrangement, I’m still fumbling around with a design that can work with the current bolt groove and catch set up.

    Thanks for playing devils advocate on that whole thing with cold chisels and crowbars. It spices the blog up to have someone lob a few objections into the works. Good stuff don’t you know.

    Hope your project is steaming along okay. It’s a hell of a lot of work all this stuff. Nick.

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