Yes indeed.  Lipstick on a coconut.  Click for vid. 20111015144301(2)

Range from the coconut’s nose to Firefly’s nose is now at 55 yards.  This shot used a  6,651 grain bolt with a velocity of 285 fps.  Energy  was  1,199 foot pounds, about the same power as a hot .44 magnum load.   It was number nine in a consecutive series of shots that have struck inside a three inch circle at fifty five yards.     Note: other than the five shot group, and a  shot through the bulls-eye to confirm the readjustment of the sights, there are no other holes in the cardboard that would indicate multiple attempts  to make this shot on the coconut.  In other words, there was a high state of confidence that this would be a one shot affair.  Here is how the target looked directly before  finally cracking this nut.

Keeping in mind that each shot has to be individually aimed with aperture sights (a 65″ sight radius makes precision pretty easy),   and then triggered without any bobbles on my end, this is the kind of performance I’ve been dreaming about these last three years.  Here’s a vid from some of yesterday’s shooting.   20111014115447(1).    I have 30 seconds to make the shot from the moment  the chronograph is initiated with the broom handle.  Sure glad I haven’t flubbed the release yet.

Nine shots made one after the other into what is essentially a single ragged hole at fifty five yards.  (Not shown are two other shots on another piece of cardboard falling into this same pattern.   A sixth shot that was not marked also went through the center of the five that are indicated. )  Our continuing investigations here will probably not end this debate about whether or not inswingers existed.   They should, however, indicate that the inswinger design is a perfectly viable interpretation of the Orsova artifacts, and that it could clearly have been made  into a powerful and accurate weapon with a uniquely flat trajectory for the ancient battlefield.

I think I’ll take the rest of day the off.

P.S.  Draw weight 3400 lbs.  Draw length 33 1/2″.    More detailed records of shots 18 through 26  will appear in the posting titled, “Mk. VIII,  Trials & Tabulations”.  These lower draw weights and draw lengths are certainly making Firefly more of a pleasure to shoot than the over-cranked extremes we have toyed with in the past.

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