Look, I know this is a bit underwhelming and all that, but here is another video that the Rebecca has found from our last field test.   One of the 800 yard heavy bolts can be observed just long enough to witness the extent of the resolution capabilities of our video camera.   Unless we up the camera gear, or chance on better lighting,  it looks like we are not going to be able to record any more than the first 2/3 of the uphill part of our bolt’s parabola.  Here is the best of what we have got of this elusive bird in flight,  and likely the best we are going to get for some time.    Although, no doubt, we’ll keep trying.     Click for vid.   20121104130649

One wonders what the ancient mind would have thought when it saw one of these missives from man stabbing at the clouds like this.  Did mortals blend with the Gods for just an instant?  Or did they worry they might puncture one and have him fall to Earth in tatters?   Which is not good for the mortals.   Deflated Gods are very dangerous things.

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