Using clay and packing tape, the mock up below shows the basic form of our newest  set of limbs.   Barely visible is the Kevlar tension strap that will be bound and laminated onto the back of the limb.   This strap is also mechanically anchored to the limb iron.

Because I have a hard time keeping all the screwball limb designs we have tried so far, straight in my head, I’ve decided to designate these as the “Mk. VIII Tension Enhanced Limbs”.  These Mk. VIII limbs feature more,  and better tempered  steel in certain critical areas.    Other less critical areas will have steel removed to save weight, (see crosshatched area).

A word about the use of kevlar:  At this time, Kevlar is the preferred material for fabricating a robust tension strap for the back of our Ash limbs.   It is  easy to work and provides a predictable and reliable approach.    If the concept shows promise, it should be possible to devise  tension straps from more authentic materials,  ( i.e. steel tension band, sinew tension band, silk tension…..etc.)

Our crude model is perched on top of the very lovely 4130 material I will be using to make the new irons out of.   Cutting of same begins in five minutes.  Photos later.

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