After some fumbling around with the springs, we were able to get off a shot that showed a lot of promise.  As can been seen in the following video, the machine was far from full draw when we decided to make the shot.  The ash limbs will need to be rebuilt with some steel reinforcement to be strong enough to get them back all the way.  Also, the rope bundles for the torsion springs could be about 20% larger and pre-tensioned with more torque.  I am convinced that the power seen in the following video is a fraction of what this machine will achieve in the near future.  Even at that, it drove the 3/4 lb. bolt with a 1″ diameter blunt tip over 2 1/4″ into a frozen Catalpa stump.  Granted Catalpa isn’t a hardwood, but as a medium of comparison, that is very nearly what the Gallwey reconstruction will do with torsion springs that are twice as big.   Are we seeing the superior efficiency of the inswinger design starting to emerge here?  Perhaps so.  The next round of testing will be done with a chronograph to measure the velocity and a dynamometer to measure the draw force.  Thanks go to my neighbors and good friends,   Scott Morrison and Richard Rough for helping with the shot.  Also thanks to Angela Morrison and Bonnie Rough for taking the photos and video.  All in all, for a crude field trial,  I am quite pleased.  Now I am going to sleep for about a week before moving on to stage two: new limbs and an authentic double action winch.

Click here for video:  field-test-1

Scott and Richard and myself doing some fancy figuring.

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