What is that thing?

It’s a catapult. More specifically, it’s a viable reconstruction of an Ancient Roman torsion engine from the late fourth century.

Oh.   …… what’s a “viable reconstruction”?

That means it’s based on a very close copy I made of some stuff they* dug up.  It is also accurate enough to knock an ice cream cone out of your hand at fifty five paces, and powerful enough to staple you to, or through,  harder objects.

………..The Roman’s were mean.  They didn’t have ice cream did they?

Yes, the Romans were mean.  Probably no,  they didn’t have the ice cream.

Click for vid.   20111018115657(1) .    Range 55 yards, 286 fps, 1200 fpe.

* Messrs.   Gudea & Baatz,  Orsova dig, 1968-69.

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