In this next video the catch assembly can be seen to retract dramatically after the shot.   This is because the winch ropes were still in tension and the draw force had not been transferred to the side plates via the two hooks on the assembly.  I have never tried firing Firefly in this manner before and thought I would take advantage of this very low power shot to see what the effect would be.

Click for video:    20111208132301(1)

Draw length here is only 15″ because I am trying to reduce the power to the level that only the entry side of the skull is penetrated.  I am guessing that the speed of this bolt was well under 100 fps, probably close to the kind of velocity that it would be going at it’s maximum range,  just falling out of the sky.  An equivalent shot, with the chrono hooked up, will tell us for sure.  In any event, the penetration depth was exactly  what I was hoping for to test this Maiden Castle, bolt-in-the-skull hypothesis.

The depth of the bolt head was actually 3/4″ deeper than seen here.  I just knocked the head back out a bit to make it visible for the photo.  Dissection to follow.

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