I had it in mind to try that ice cream shot over again.  Here is the new bolt style I will be using.

I have tried one sighting shot with this 6, 693 grain bolt.  It hit about 5″ above the place the previous   bolt had been grouping.  Perhaps the larger fin is providing more lift and it changes the trajectory a tisk.    In the following video, the sighting shot I’m talking about is the hole that is highest on the cardboard witness board.  I simply readjusted the sights to line up with this hole before attempting our little stunt again.  Click for vid.    20111021143100(1) .

My evident pleasure in this event is multiplied by the fact that this kind of accuracy is becoming entirely predictable.  Tomorrow I will try and get some footage looking back up the range as the bolt comes screaming down it and hitting something like an apple.  That, and the witness board, should form some measure of proof that I am not in any way exaggerating Firefly’s accuracy over this fifty five yard (50 meter) range.

There are no velocity readings for this shot because I did not want to be limited by the 30 second transmit time on our Doppler chronograph.    It helps to have the lights off in the shop to get good contrast through the peep sights.  It is also very important to roll the back of the hand against the winch bar while making the trigger pull.  This technique yields such sweet and clean releases that I see no  need for a remote trigger lever of some kind, as I had been planning.

For the time being (maybe indefinitely), performance oriented modifications to Firefly will be halted.  She is, I believe, finished.

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