After shortening the bowstring, I also did a little rework on the pulley block on the winch and have temporarily removed the hook that was there.  This allows the pulley block to connect directly to the dynanometer and shortens up the whole arrangement so that I can get up to a 53 inch draw and still have draw weight readings available.  The one shot that I tried this afternoon only  registered 3500 lbs. with a 51 inch draw.   I was shooting a 7,000 grain bolt and compared to any of the other shooting I’ve done with this machine, it appeared fast.  Very fast.   Given the relative lightness of the draw weight, this is the best of news.

Subjective impressions aside,   I’m eager to set up the chronograph and try to get some hard velocity readings.  More tomorrow.

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  1. Captn harpoon says:

    Congrats, bet you did a little dance or two, and toasted the CG’s! Wish I was there.

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