The Rebecca brings some scale to the size of my most recent score in the ash plank department.  Nice tight grained stuff.

Resilient, shock proof (somewhat), and just generally an agreeable material to work with; ash is also one of the more authentic choices for limb timber.  It is light enough and stiff enough to make an effective ballista limb.

The short, darker post in front of the Ash planks, is made from a  3 1/2″ square cross section of very dense Brazilian Walnut,  commonly known as Ipe.   Scoring something like 3500 on the Janka scale, Ipe is an extremely hard, hardwood.  I will utilize all the cross section of this Ipe post to turn up some new,  3 1/2″ diameter drums for the hand winch.  The first set of drums were made from ash, which scores a lowly 1300 J,  and under intense pressure from the winch rope,  has started to crumble like Weetabix.

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