There is no doubt that if I am to close the circle on this argument, “sinew” must figure prominently.   Let’s take a look at the stuff.

These two lovely hanks of processed backstrap sinew were obtained from Three Rivers Archery.   They are twelve inches long and are seen here folded in half.  My plan is to make a sinew bowstring for my 85 lb longbow, and then shoot the dickens out of it so as to season and confirm the integrity of the string.  Then the bowstring will be utilized to construct a torsion spring the size of a 4″ blunt cigar, and by my reckoning that will make a model of sufficient scale to explore the fundamental propulsive differences between sinew and nylon.

But first, that means a learning curve.   I must confess to never having worked with sinew before.  However, there are multiple articles on the interwebs that detail the procedure.  Volume two of The Traditional Bowyer’s Bible has a nice exposse on it all.

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