The string seen in this next video is a bit too long.  There is no discernible resistance to pulling back the string until the string has moved  5 1/2″ back from a theoretical straight line between the nocks.   Given that in terms of seeking maximum performance this state of affairs is clearly flawed,  I decided to go ahead and record some draw weight readings anyway.  I need the practice.   This vid just shows me a fussin’ with it all.  Click for vid,   20110501135012(1)

The readings from this little pre-trial are as follows:

@ 0″ draw length – 50lbs (this is the 5 1/2″ back from the nock line and with just enough pull to let us know the resistance has started)

@6″ – 150lbs.

@12″- 350 lbs.

@18″- 900 lbs.

@24″- 1250 lbs.

@30″- 1775lbs.

@36″- 2325 lbs.

@ 39″- 2800 lbs.

The last reading at 39″ is the maximum I can go with the dynanometer attached.   When we get to the longer draw lengths, I will have to put a spring scale on the end of one of the cocking levers and figure it that way.  These readings are with a string that is perhaps an 1  1/2″ too long and springs that have not yet been torsion adjusted to their final level.

You can sense the slushy performance and too long string in this next video.   Click here for vid,  20110501135012(3)

In the photo below we can see some minor cracking from the massive compression being applied to the wood fibers by the bundle.  In this area, the actual strength of the limb assembly  is all in the spring steel limb irons,  so,  other than the garroting effect of the bundle on the limb, I am not particularly worried about their overall integrity.

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