Firefly gathers her strength for another round of inquiries into our favorite mystery.  I probably have about three weeks of solid work before she will be ready to do some distance shooting.  A stand has been designed, but it still needs to be made and tested before we can go on any field trips.

The great privilege of projects like this is that one can say a thing, and then go ahead and make it so.  It is a kind of freedom hard to find these days.  The looseness to create, unfettered from the old tick-tock in the corner.   I am very lucky to get to do all this goofy stuff.  My father left this world, denied these sacred pleasures by the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s.  Time is the ultimate warden, and our playground inevitably shrinks with age.

Thank you,  people that offered their condolences.  Our family is grateful for your kind thoughts.

Today I will do some welding on the kamarion.  Not, however, until I’ve had my breakfast.   The Gods willing, there are any number of broccoli porridge surprises yet to be consumed.

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