That truss arrangement is just about enough to give a fella ideas.

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  1. Charles W. Fink says:

    I hope you come back and finish your project. We all get busy and have to take care of necessities, but you had one hell of a hobby. Its important to finish what you start.

  2. Charles W. Fink says:

    Well, I’m 59 now and I’m finally building an inswinger. It isn’t as pretty as any of yours, mostly built of scrap I accumulated over the years. A 55 gallon drum dolly found in a dumpster is the main frame and I’m cheating all over the place. You would probably hate it. Its got hardened bolts to pre-tension bundles of polyester strapping in steel pipe kamirions. So many holes to drill in the washers, but it’s really clever how that works. The arms are osage orange dowels inside aircraft aluminum tubes from Pratt and Whitney. To me its an engineering exercise and an art project. It still needs a winch, a trigger and a track. Your archives have been a tremendous help over the winter and I hung pictures of the Firefly over the work bench as an inspiration. The few people who have seen it since I got it together have no idea what it is at first. The trigger is the next big hurdle, I’m leaning towards a rolling seer, but still doing research. One step at a time. I’m hoping that reading your notes will help to eliminate some of the weak links and little sticking points Iv’e found to be learning experiences in projects of this nature. At some point you just have to do it, mistakes be damned, and welding, sand blasting and paint gets the idea real, tangible and tweakable. Thank you for your work, it’s been a guiding light through this long winter.

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