Our roads up here are bogged with mud. As much as I want to take Firefly on a field trip to do some long range testing, I don’t see that happening for six weeks or so.

It looks like glandes are back on the menu. To which end, I’ve been researching how to end splice double braid dacron line. The Mk VIII limbs will require a new double string with pouch if we are to make any headway here. An endless loop of 5/8″ XLS seems like a good place to start.

Performing these splices with the precision necessary to control the overall length of the string is always a pain. Purists will, no doubt, skoff at this untraditional approach to string making. Be that as it may, using double braid (or yacht braid as it is sometimes called) is a pragmatic concession that allows us to try new designs without spending a fortune in time and money. This whole project has always been intended to just point the way, rather than anything so grandiose as a “perfect” reconstruction. One must crawl in the mud before tripping with the angels.

A good old scrounge in my junk pile is also in order. Some blocks of aluminum are needed to make a multiple cavity glans mold. I am thinking five or six cavities of different sizes. We might as well make them conform to the statisical averages of the artifacts in the British Museum.

More later….

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