I have been asked to present a video showing Firefly’s complete loading and firing cycle.  The sequence is long enough that I have to present it in two clips to stay under the 8 MB limit here on Word Press.

My friend and neighbor, Josh Lorz,  is apparently impervious to the cold.   Ah! the vigour of youth!

Click for clip one:    20111209183732(3)

Click for clip two:    20111209183732(5)

Clip one starts with the machine in the same condition as the end of clip two.  The winch rope is still wound on the drums and needs to be unfurled.  The timing on this shot breaks down as follows:

(1)  Overall length of the sequence,  1.42 mins.

(2)  Preparation before first movement of the winch levers,  30 sec.

(3)  Length of time the winch levers are moving, 32 sec.

(4)  Remaining prep and firing, 40 sec.

Short of ingesting more Ibuprofen, there is probably not a lot more that can be done to speed up item 3.  However, items 2 and 4 could easily be shaved down by 10%,  maybe 20% if we get with it.  A minute and a quarter seems like a reasonable goal for the entire sequence.  We’ll have another go in a week or so.

Cutting back the twist in the bundles to lower the preload and allow a longer draw length,  is not conducive to better velocities.  The draw length here is our standard 33 1/2″.   Why so short, when we obviously have much more draw length to exploit?  Because this much draw takes us to 3700 lbs of draw force, and that is a sacrosanct limit I have imposed for safety reasons.   These kind of limits are even more of a moral imperative if I have a helper in the area.  This is all just a game, after all.

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