The reader may recall that our penultimate field test had the misfortune to have the machine set at the wrong angle.  Due, in part, to my misfiring synapses that caused a certain hardwood wedge to be inserted into a hasty lashing that bound Firefly’s stock to her counterstay.   Some debilitating changes of launch angle were the inadvertent and demoralizing result.

However!  There are lessons all around us if we but care to look.  With the kind of fixed placement, indirect shooting we are doing here, it is imperative that Firefly’s stock be as immovable as possible.   In our very successful last field test, Firefly’s tail was locked to the counter stay with this item.  It’s called a winch…..

…… need I say, “Duh!”.

That the solution should be so obvious (bind them together using the auxiliary hand winch) and that I should have even stumbled down a path as ill conceived as that wedgey thing, speaks volumes about the life of  a hermit.  Sometimes, when your inner voice fails you, you need reality to poke you in the ribs with the bloody, bleeding obvious.

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