Standard operating procedure in our mold shop these past 30 years has been to take a big block of metal and cut away all the parts of it that are not wanted to form what is.  A purely reductionist scenario that leaves a big pile of metal chips and swarf, always thirsty for human hemoglobin.  Now, in this welding adventure on the kamarion, I find myself using a softer strategy.  With TIG welding it is possible to create more by building up rather than just taking away.  A blob here, a bead there,  welded in  chunks all over the place; it really is quite organic.  No blood either because everything is cauterized.

If I can stand the high argon bill,   this is an interesting approach to reassembling the molecules.

(Note to self:   Flow with the gas dude.   It is all about matching volume and flow.)

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  1. Franklyn Hagg says:

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