I got my dander up on this 400 fps mythogical barrier bit, cranked up the preload 7 1/2 degrees all stations, and labored through a series of six shots with one of our new 397 gram bolts.  In feet per second the velocities were 385, zero (i.e. no reading), 386, 385, 383, and 365.

This last was cause enough for a pouty moment, complete with lower lipped roosting platform and everything. However, for one glorious moment we seem to have topped 2000 foot pounds of energy. 2,026 fpe is fairly smoking for this contraption.  PDW was up to 5500 lbs @ 38″ DL

On inspection of the port side bundle, a broken rope was discovered.  It appeared that in the outer most layer of the spring, a piece of 1/4″ , 3 strand nylon line had parted directly over the apex of the crossbar.


…. Think I’ll go spend forty days and forty nights in the desert.

New spring meditations are in order.


Update: Repairs to that broken rope in the spring seem possible. Our sky date is still on.

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