Shot # 37 was fired in the late afternoon with the same settings and stats as the previous shot. Velocity 360 fps. As before, with a 5818 grain bolt, that’s 1700 foot pounds — near enough. Here’s a vid of the kinetics. 20120615174130(1) . To my ear, that sounds markedly faster than anything the MK VIII’s ever plopped out. It would be interesting to know if trimming the bolt weight by say a quarter, will get us into the magic kingdom; 400 feet per second ain’t impossibly far away. But even if it doesn’t, this trajectory already looks flat enough to do some serious work.

In the world of ancient Rome, converted muscle power was the only way to generate this kind of flat trajectory, armour busting, impact. This next vid gives a taste of what that work-out must have looked like; although their efforts at the winch were undoubtably more rapid than what this old gezzer can manage. Click here: 20120608134124(1)

Now if there were two geezers at it…

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