About Us

Watts Unique is a CNC equipped machine shop that has been doing business in Washington State since 1983. We specialize in short run production, prototype development, and mold making. ~In the past we have made prototype cockpit switches for the Boeing Co., close tolerance connector assemblies used by Cray computer, and a great many molds for the rubber industry.~ Our small size gives us the ability to completely focus on your job. This limits miscommunication and ensures quality product. Over the years we have become expert at doing difficult and tricky jobs that other shops often turn down. For a list of our equipment and an idea of the tolerances we regularly work to, please click on the Precision Machining section.


At Watts Unique many of the quality control problems evident in larger shops are eliminated by the simple fact that a single master machinist does all the work. He will work on your job, and only your job until it is completed. In short, things do not go out the door until they are absolutely right. In this regard we encourage all our customers to highlight any areas of particular concern on any of the drawings they send us. Experience has taught us that it is often better to “over-communicate” with our customers than it is to run the risk of leaving something unclear or ambiguous. Expect us to take an aggressive interest in your project. Many potential problems are eliminated by this approach.


 The Ballista

Experimental Archaeology
and ancient catapault





A small sampling of parts made by the many hundreds of rubber molds we have made since 1983

Close tolerance connector assemblies used on Cray supercomputers